Dental Veneers From Your Dentists in Napoleon

If you’ve been looking for a long-lasting way to update your smile, dental veneers may be your ideal rejuvenation option. Able to eradicate stubborn stains, correct minor tooth alignment issues, and update the color, size, and shape of your teeth, this cosmetic dentistry treatment utilizes porcelain shells to improve the look of your smile – for years!

What are veneers and how are they applied?

Made from durable, thin porcelain materials, these shells are attached to the front of your tooth and immediately update its size, color, and shape. They also enable patients to correct minor gaps and issues associated with alignment without orthodontic treatment!

In terms of how they’re placed, after we’ve taken x-trays to confirm that you’re a candidate for veneers, we’ll schedule two appointments: one to prepare your teeth for veneer placement, and another to adhere them into position. During your first visit, we’ll reshape your teeth and take an impression of the area that will be sent to our highly skilled laboratory professionals. We’ll also put temporary veneers in place to protect your teeth until your permanent veneers are returned to our office. During your second visit, we’ll remove the temporary veneers and check your customized versions to ensure that they look and feel great. We’ll then clean your teeth and carefully position the veneers before bonding them in place.

How should veneers be cared for and long will they last?

With diligent daily care and regular in-office cleanings and checkups, dental veneers can last for 10 years or more!

It’s important to clean these porcelain shells as you would your natural teeth, and to protect them from bad oral habits, such as chewing ice, biting your nails, or using your teeth to open bags and containers. It’s also important to note that while veneers aren’t as susceptible to staining as natural teeth, they can become discolored with repeated exposure to highly-pigmented foods and drinks.

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