Dental Implants From Your Dentists in Napoleon

At Napoleon Smiles, we understand that tooth loss can and does happen for a variety of reasons. That said, we’re happy to provide our patients with restorative options that rejuvenate their smile and bolster their confidence. One of the ways we accomplish this is with long-lasting and durable dental implants, which restore speaking, smiling, and chewing function while also preventing a host of problematic issues that arise when an extracted tooth is not replaced.

Since their introduction many decades ago, millions of people have chosen dental implants as their preferred way to replace one or more missing teeth. Depending on your unique needs, they may be the ideal option for your smile, as well!

How are dental implants placed?

After assessing your oral health condition and confirming that an implant is a viable option for you, our dentist will place the implant, which is made from unique biomaterials. Acting as replacement tooth roots, the implant will stimulate your jaw bone, intercept bone loss, and following a series of months, will stabilize and become secure.

Once this happens, we’ll create a customized, natural-looking crown that will sit on top of the implant and restore form and function to the area.

Are dental implants helpful in other dental circumstances?

We use dental implants for a number of restorative treatments and procedures, including for securing bridges, stabilizing dentures, and as anchors when creating an entire jaw of new teeth.

Because of their durability and reliability, dental implants are a sought-after, highly effective way to care for your smile and boost your overall confidence. We’d love to discuss whether this restorative treatment is right for you, and invite you to call us today for a consultation!

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  • Replace a missing tooth & restore your smile
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  • Restore your smiling confidence
  • Benefit your oral health for the short and long-term!
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